Updated December, 2007

This website is dedicated to my obsession with these truly amazing critters

The cicadas in the following images were found in forest preserves in Morton Grove and Glenview, Illinois in June, 2007


Cook County, Illinois in June, 2007

These images represent the onset of the

seventeen year cicada,

Magicicada, Brood XIII




THE AFTERMATH - July 30, 2007

There is extensive damage to the extremities of the tree limbs, but it seems the trees can handle the loss of these twigs. Even the small trees that are affected seem to survive. This might be nature's way of "pruning" the trees, and would appear to be beneficial to the trees rather than detrimental.

August 13, 2007

Here are some images of the "Dog Day" Cicadas, commonly found in the region in August. These are slightly larger and green in color.

November, 2007

The trees have returned to their normal state, seems very few have suffered long-term damage as a result of the cicada invasion. Fall has arrived and all the leaves are pretty much fallen. It's awfully quiet now. The dead silence will remain until the year 2024. You can count on it. Click HERE for a link to the Chicago Tribune "Chicago Gardener" section on Cicadas.

Reality: The next time these Cicadas emerge will be late May, 2024. You can set your calendar to it. The internet as you know it today will be much different by then, and I'm not sure this website will even be available by then, who knows. These images will be considered primitive by then. If I take better care of myself, I'll be 70 years old, and will have been around for five emergences of this breed. Sure is an odd way to set your memory, but it's amazing how much has changed around us between their emergences, yet they are always the same. We need to learn their secret.

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